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I will edit professional video ads for social media

Straight Shot Post is a full-service post-production company that has worked with major brands such as Canon, Olay, Bose, JetBlue, and Baileys to translate their message from concept to content.

Unsure about the investment? Be sure to check out our case studies and testimonials in our Brand Book, above.

For more completed work, check out our portfolio.

Build brand and win over your target audience with honest and empathetic storytelling. Your story needs to connect! Our storytelling skills will help your business and brand thrive – here’s why:

  • We’re masters of story. We are focused on process, getting better every day, and value long term growth over short term success.
  • Our work is clear and empathetic. We are always thinking of you and your audience when making every decision.
  • We’re nerds so you don’t have to be. We live on the bleeding edge of technology and have a thorough understanding of all the technical formats you’ll need for an optimized product.
  • We pride ourselves on customer service. We cherish ongoing relationships and work hard to ensure that your experience is worth talking about.

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